Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams.

Design is at the core of a space. Whether it is a penthouse or a studio, a design lends soul to it. But sometimes, designing a space can be overwhelming and a lot of avoidable errors can be made in the process. Because spaces are at the core of our business, we are here to help you spot common design mistakes and steer clear of them.

1. DESIGNING WITHOUT A PLAN: Each space serves a purpose and it is important to figure that out before the decoration begins. To avoid chaos in appearance, each of the room, even the ones with an eclectic design, should have a uniting theme bringing all the design elements together.

2. PAINTING BEFORE FURNISHING: A lot of designers and DIY enthusiasts make this common mistake of painting their space before buying furniture. It is definitely easier to pick colors that match your furniture, rather than doing the opposite. If you really wish to use a certain color, make sure to find large pieces of furniture that complement that shade.

3. LIGHTING WOES: How much lighting is too much lighting? How less lighting is too less lighting? A room too bright can be very jarring to the eyes, while a room too dull can impart of a feeling of dreariness. To build a cozy space, it is a good option to have layers of soft, flattering lighting at various heights. For example, Floor lamps, a chandelier, a table lamp, etc.

4. SCALING ISSUES: For a space to look exquisite, it is imperative that it doesn’t look uniform. Elevated furniture and window treatments add style to the interior décor of your home. Without it, the potentially beautiful room will only pass off as boring.

5. FURNITURE AGAINST THE WALL: The furniture in the room should always be placed within the room, rather than against it. It could be unavoidable to sometimes place your furniture up against the wall, but centering pieces and getting your items closer together create a flow that doesn’t make the room look boxy.

6. MATCHING HEAD TO TOE – Matching and matching is wrong. Mixing and matching is right. Overmatching spaces not only look absurd, but they also come off as having no personality. Maintaining contrasting elements in at least 30% of the room, with 70% dedicated to a theme will result in your space looking classy and not stuffy.

7. CHASING NEW TRENDS: Though trends provide a huge inspiration, it is a huge mistake to fall prey to them. Incorporating factors of various trends that suit your design theme is always a better idea rather than following them blindly, as they keep changing. For example: If there is a dark seasonal design trend, rather than changing your whole space to suit it, you could make an accent wall to showcase it.

Along with these, other mistakes like adding too many throw pillows, cluttering your space, not hanging pictures cohesively at eye level, going overboard with antique pieces or decorative painting and avoiding functional needs are all mistakes that can and should be avoided while decorating a space you wish stands out among the rest.

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